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The most comprehensive, effective and entertaining program of self-paced bass guitar instruction ever created. Guaranteed. Order today and get 25% off MSRP! Learn and have fun!

10 DVD's Packed with Professional Instruction

The multiple First Place award-winning video lessons at the heart of Teach Me Bass Guitar (TMBG) have re-defined the art and science of self-paced instruction. The result? You’ll really learn bass guitar!

Why not an online course? Because only a tiny percentage of the people who sign up for online instruction actually finish the course! Check the facts from the New York Times. The reason? Simple: Learning anything well requires focus; but the Internet is all about distraction. When was the last time you followed something through from beginning to end on the Net without getting sidetracked?

Easy to Follow Menus and Sub Menus

With one exception, each DVD contains two lessons broken down into sections you can work through at your own pace, mastering each as you go. Sub-menus make it easy to return to the point where you left off, or find topics you wish to review.

Easy-to-follow Lesson menus
Easy-to-follow Lesson menus...

and sub menus
and sub menus

On Screen Graphics

In each of the bass guitar lessons, on-screen graphics illustrate concepts, and present musical scores in both note and TAB forms. Best of all, real-time animation shows the name and position of notes on the fretboard, so you can see exactly what Roy is playing, without his fingers getting in the way!

Split screens, take your pick!
On Screen Graphics

Real-time onscreen fretboard
Real-time onscreen fretboard

Close Up Shots

TMBG presents you with close-up views of whichever hand is being emphasized as Roy plays, all the better to help you really learn bass guitar!

Close-up right & left hand views
Close-up right & left hand views

Warm-ups, and cool downs
Warm-ups, and cool downs, and...

And Much More...

Learn to play with a singer
Learn to play with a singer

Warm-ups, and cool downs
Warm-ups, and cool downs, and...

Pep talks
Pep talks, and...

Loops for tireless repetition
Loops for tireless repetition

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Why Not Have Fun?

We think learning should be fun and entertaining, so we occasionally crash the party with a six-foot rabbit, or maybe a bear, or an out-of-control popcorn popper...but just because we have fun doesn't mean we don't take learning seriously.

TMBG was over a year in production at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our imperative was to make it, by far, the best series of bass guitar lessons ever created.

And you know what? Thanks to a cast of inexhaustible writers, graphic artists, musicians, cinematographers, designers, teachers, advisors, photographers, text editors, video editors and production personnel of every description...we succeeded!

If you don't agree, just send it back, with the paperwork, within 90 days for a full refund (less shipping & handling). What could be fairer than that?


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